2017 Interns

2017 Internships

This year twelve students from our EVOLUTIONS program were chosen to participate in internships. In this highly selective program students were able to study differing topics under professionals in their fields. Our students took advantage of this opportunity and took their new expertise to the next level by presenting their research at the annual Internship Symposium and sharing their newfound knowledge to their friends, families and communities. These were some of the internships that took place during the summer.

Collections & Engineering Interns

Vertebrate Zoology
Karla Palma and Melody DeBlasio labeled and preserved with Dr. Gregory Watkins-Colwell.
Invertebrate Paleontology
Jasmine Jones and Ethan Weed photographed and 3D scanned concretions with Dr. Susan Butts.
Mechanical Engineering (CRISP)
Dylan Ramrattan and Wayde Whichard studied the nanoparticle iron sucrose with Dr. Todd Schwendemann.
Sandy Flores and Juhi Nath mounted and documented plant specimens with Dr. Patrick Sweeney.
Geology & Geophysics
Carina Andrea and Kyndall Hailey washed forams with Dr. Pincelli Hull.

Outdoor Corps

Outdoor Corps is a new program and partnership with New Haven LEAP for 9-10 year old students that are focused on outdoor and environmental education. Our interns focused on experiential learning in urban and rural outdoor spaces.