EVO Halloween Bash!

November 10, 2015

Raven Bacote- EVO News Contributor 

On October 25, 2015 Evolutions hosted their annual Halloween Party! The night was filled with lively music and frightening screams. Pizza was served to everyone as well as delicious candy. We had some awesome live concerts as well. Jordan killed the Fergalicious song with her stunning dance moves and impeccable lip singing. I think we all can agree that everyone was hyped when the song 679 came on. Everyone singing and dancing in sync made the party more fun and eventful. I have to give it to the freshmen, their creativity for their costume was amazing! I would of never thought to make a jelly bean costume by sticking balloons to my body. And Karina was the most adorable sheep I have ever seen. Even through all the festive music and unique outfits, the best part of the entire night was the haunted basement. Running through that dark, interminable corridor with random hands grabbing at my ankle and handicapped girls trying to run me down almost gave me a heart attack! That was the scariest haunted place I’ve been to since i was 9 and I’m not easily scared. Definitely shout out to Ben, Andrea, and Evo’s seniors for the making the night one to remember. Can’t wait for next year! Although I can hold off on eating flavored bugs.