Incredible Collections Tours at the Peabody

December 16, 2015

Did you know that less than one percent of the museum’s collections are on display in the museum? The vast majority of our cultural artifacts, dinosaur bones, insect fossils, jars of snakes, and preserved plants are kept hidden away in our vast museum collections. EVO students had the amazing opportunity to visit some of those collections in December. Here you can see Dr. Lawrence Gall showing just a few specimens in our beautiful butterfly collection. Dr. Patrick Sweeney showed us some of biggest plant seeds we have ever seen. Dr. Gregory Watkins Colwell gave us a sneak peak at the very first un-preserved Coelacanth specimen. This ancient fish was thought to be extinct for millions of year before being re-discovered last century. 

This tours gave us an exciting look at some of the ancient, fragile, rare and priceless artifacts that most people never get to see. We are exciting about the opportunity to share some of these specimens with museum visitors in our upcoming exhibition, opening May 14, 2016.