Overview of Activities

Overview of Activities

The EVOLUTIONS After School Program (EVOking Learning & Understanding Through Investigations Of the Natural Sciences) engages New Haven and West Haven high school students in informal and formal learning opportunities designed to address four key goals:

Stem Literacy

Through classroom experiences, field trips, projects, internships and work experiences, participants are encouraged to develop their scientific knowledge, learn about current research in STEM fields, understand the science behind Peabody Museum exhibits and collections, and develop science communication skills.

College Preparation

Participants and their families will develop an understanding of post-secondary academics, and identify valuable resources and tools that will help them refine and achieve their academic goals. Participants receive college counseling, attend financial aid and college planning workshops, and visit local and regional college campuses.

Career Awareness

Participants will be introduced to career options within the sciences, learn about the pathways into those careers, develop basic resume, interview and workplace skills, and participate in real-world work experiences through lab internships and jobs in the Sci.CORPS youth employment program.

Transferable Skill

Transferable skills are broadly applicable skills facilitating academic achievement and the eventual transition into the workforce. Through EVOLUTIONS, participants develop communication skills, teamwork and leadership ability, scientific thinking skills, and the confidence and creativity to use these skills in new situations.

EVOLUTIONS projects/activities include:

  • Weekly classroom science activities
  • Monthly special events and workshops
  • Annual 3-day college visitation trip
  • Student-produced museum exhibitions, which are displayed in the Peabody Museum 
  • Paid work experience as science interpreters
  • Paid internships in Yale science laboratories
  • Field trips to Peabody Museum collections, Yale labs/departments and other science museums
  • New this year, access to the Technology Learning Lab and video production studio


SciCORPS (Science Career Orientation & Readiness Program for Students) is a career ladder program through which participants receive paid work experience as science interpreters in the Peabody Museum. Participants begin at the volunteer rung as Museum Apprentices, to develop basic job and communication skills and shadow more experienced peers. After a set of criteria are met, they are promoted to paid Museum Interpreters, where they teach visitors the science of the exhibits through hands-on carts and activities. In the upper rung of our ladder, Museum Fellows, act as program leaders, supervisors, and content developers.

The EVOLUTIONS Lab Internship Program

A select group of EVOLUTIONS students are also offered paid internships in Yale science laboratories. Interns work alongside and are mentored by Yale faculty and graduate students in both field and lab work, engaging in over 100 hours of authentic scientific research. The experience culminates in a research symposium held at the Peabody Museum, and opportunities to disseminate their research to their EVOLUTIONS peers. The Bay & Paul Environmental Leader Fellowship, Geology Education Group, and Engineering Explorers meet twice per month to learn from faculty and students to prepare for their internships.