Sci.CORPS Structure

Sci.CORPS Structure

Sci.CORPS provides EVOLUTIONS students with paid work experiences as science educators in the museum. Through peer mentoring and training, high school students become the primary interpreters of exhibits and leaders of events during the busiest time of the week for the museum. If you look closely at our employees’ nametags, you will see that there are badges attached to them. These badges stand for their areas of expertise. Once our employees have shown their understanding of a specific cart, or their development of visitor service skills, they are awarded badges. Before our employees can be promoted to a new position, they must take assessments and quizzes that demonstrate their mastery of carts and museum knowledge. Our employees are also evaluated on a daily basis. They are evaluated on a scale of 1-7, on a set of skill sets that show their interpretation mastery.

Museum Apprentices

Our Sci.CORPS employees start out as Museum Apprentices, earning community service hours as the build communication skills by shadowing peers at Sci.Crafts and the Discovery Room. Once they have learned the basic functions of the museum, and have developed their visitor service skills, these volunteers start to shadow the carts that revolve around one big scientific idea. After they have demonstrated their museum knowledge and mastery of the carts, they can reach the level of interpreters.

Museum Interpreters

Museum Interpreters (MI’s) provide hands-on interpretation of exhibits and artifacts on weekends at the Peabody Museum. Interpreters are paid to facilitate nine different science carts, as well as participating in museum events and programs. Museum Interpreters also participate in weekly science content training, and contribute to the development of new interpretive activities.


After contributing to the growth of Sci.CORPS and further developing their interpretation skills, Interpreters can eventually become Fellows. As Fellows, our employees learn about administrative tasks and develop their leadership skills. Fellows serve as peer mentors and trainers in preparing their fellow employees to make the museum an entertaining and engaging place. Fellows can perform administrative tasks and well as contributing to the growth of Sci.CORPS by building new carts, adding new science concepts to existing carts, developing new Sci.crafts, and coming up with new way to make the museum an entertaining and engaging place.