Sci.CORPS Structure

Sci.CORPS Structure

Sci.CORPS provides EVOLUTIONS students with paid work experiences as science educators in the museum’s presence. Through peer mentoring and training, high school students learn how to communicate science topics online to audiences of all ages. As employees complete projects, they are awarded badges and take quizzes to show their mastery of a topic, which allow them to move up the career ladder. Students are also evaluated on a daily basis on their projects, understanding of the 5 E’s, and workplace habits.

Museum Apprentices

Sci.CORPS employees start out as Museum Apprentices (MA) on a volunteer basis meant to help students fulfill their school’s community service requirements. Through projects such as Collection of the Month (COTM), MA’s learn fundamental communication, workplace, teaching, and science skills that they will use for the duration of their time at Sci.CORPS.

Museum Interpreters

Museum Interpreters (MI) are paid to facilitate all the projects of Sci.CORPS, including library content, 70 Second Science, and updating the EVOLUTIONS website. Employees use their skills to engage with the New Haven community and make science topics accessible to audiences of all ages. Interpreters also take on MA’s to help with assignments as they transition into MI’s. Interpreters have an advanced understanding of the 5 E’s, which they implement into their projects.

Museum Specialists

Museum Specialists are the highest rung of the Sci.CORPS career ladder, and are the most advanced at interpreting, communicating, and creating content. Specialists work alongside supervisors, leading shifts and organizing activities, all while completing Sci.CORPS projects. They also train new apprentices and serve as mentors to other employees.