What is Evolutions?


Evoking Learning and Understanding Through Investigations of the Natural Sciences

Each year, EVOLUTIONS offers a rich, informal learning environment for 100 of the most passionate, high-potential teens in New Haven. Through weekly after-school classes, weekend job opportunities, and summer internships, students work collaboratively with peers, museum educators, and scientists. We seek to create a safe physical and social space that offers access to cutting-edge scientific research and access to cultural artifacts and natural history collections. The EVOLUTIONS space is co-created with students from New Haven and West Haven, who will become the next generation of science communicators, policy-makers, artists, community leaders, educators, and researchers. In EVO, we seek to:

Creating a safe after-school space. The program supports high-potential youth who may not otherwise have a place to go after school, and who have an interest in exploring different possible futures.

Address barriers to and providing pathways into science. For many New Haven teens, systemic barriers and structural inequalities limit access to scientific research and the spaces where the work occurs. By addressing these barriers head-on, EVOLUTIONS encourages youth to take up space in predominantly white spaces, and have their voices heard.

Supporting a more diverse museum workforce. The offerings in EVOLUTIONS position graduates to aspire to leadership positions in science, education, and museum fields. EVO alumni have gone on to pursue jobs in museums, libraries, schools, and community non-profits. The future leaders of STEM education will emerge from within this powerful network of EVO graduates.

EVO is Friendship

“EVO is a place for high school students to interact with others that they may not interact with otherwise and is a chance to make lifelong friends. I have made so many friends in EVO that I never would have met if not for the program. I also have gotten many opportunities through the program such as a job as a Museum Educator and an internship here at Yale.”

EVO is Opportunity

“EVO is an opportunity to meet new people, make connections, and learn about STEM topics. I love being part of the program and I feel like I can really take away a lot from it.”

EVO is Community

“EVO is a second home where you can go to find community and also learn about STEM related topics but also learning about others, how to navigate college processes, having fun and many more.”

EVO is STEM & College Preparation

“EVO is a community and allows highschoolers to learn about STEM, take trips to labs, and learn more about the college experience and applications.”