What is Sci.CORPS?

What is Sci.CORPS?

Science Career Orientation and Readiness Program for Students (Sci.CORPS)

Sci.CORPS is Communication

Sci.CORPS has helped me tremendously when it comes to communication. This job takes me out of my own little bubble in order to make connections with others through the gift of learning. With this experience, I feel more confident communicating ideas outside of the workplace.

Sci.CORPS is Growth

Working at Sci.CORPS has helped me grow as a person since I got to learn many life skills through the program, such as communicating with visitors of all ages and backgrounds while still relaying key information. Being on a cart in the museum means that you have to both teach and engage visitors for a long period of time,
and that alone has helped me talk to strangers much more easily.

Sci.CORPS is Leadership

When working at Sci.CORPS, everyone becomes a leader because we are put in the role of an educator and a teammate. In this role, we gain leadership qualities such as patience, energy, enthusiasm, and being able to successfully interact with others. We must all look after each other and ensure we are all doing our part to educate the visitors.

Sci.CORPS is Vocational

Sci.CORPS is probably the first and only job most students in the program have because of the many skills you acquire from the job. Not only is it a great way of earning money and having a fulfilling work experience, but it also allows students to learn at the same time they are teaching, which is a great way of preparing students for the outside world, especially those wanting to go into the STEM field.