What is Sci.CORPS?

What is Sci.CORPS?

Science Career Orientation and Readiness Program for Students (Sci.CORPS)


Sci.CORPS is Communication

"Sci.CORPS has helped me apply the communication skills I learned in EVO into real work. I’ve learned to create informational videos on a variety of science topics, all of which interest me. I get to connect with others my age who’re interested in similar things to me, and work closely with topics I’m passionate about while feeling like I’m actually doing something important."

Sci.CORPS is Learning

"Working as a museum interpreter has taught me skills like video editing, teamwork, and science communication. While producing new videos and articles, I'm constantly learning new things about the world around us and experiencing the joy of sharing that knowledge with our community. I'm a lifelong learner because of Sci.CORPS."

Sci.CORPS is Opportunity

"Sci.CORPS gives the opportunity for high school students in New Haven to become museum educators and interpreters for science education. It is an experience and job that many teenagers do not have. This job turns students into the teachers through interactive material in the museum. Sci.CORPS employees turn us into leaders in the museum by letting us teach the visitors and interact with our community."