Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Welcome to EVOLUTIONS! The team that leads EVO & Sci.CORPS efforts here is composed of a talented group of people who are passionate about teaching, most of whom are previous alumni of the program! Led by Andrea, Janae, and Aaliyah, our staff comes together with a variety of different experiences, expertise, and interests to create an online environment that EVO students and Sci.CORPS employees can enjoy learning from. We hope that current and future EVOLUTIONS students will enjoy their time in the program and maybe one day come back to be one of our staff members!

I'm the Manager of Public and Youth Engagement here at the Peabody Museum, where I supervise events, camps, volunteers, and most importantly, EVOLUTIONS! I have a B.A. in Biology and Psychology, M.A. in Science Education, PhD in Social Foundations of Education, and have worked with science museum youth programs for, well just say a long time. I like science, teaching about social and environmental justice, playing with my dogs, and binge watching sci-fi shows on Netflix, but my favorite thing to do is work with all of the outstanding students in EVO. These are truly some of the most talented and inspiring young adults I have ever met. The Peabody Museum is a great place to learn about lots of different topics, and even at my age, I still learn new things every day.

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Hi, I’m Aaliyah and I’m this year’s EVOLUTIONS Fellow. I graduated from EVO and Metro in 2018. Since then, I’ve graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in African American Studies and a minor in Psychology. In my free time, you can find me reading a new fantasy novel, watching crime dramas, and spending time with friends and family.

Hello all! My name is Cindy Nguyen and I am an EVO teacher! I am a sophomore at Yale and am majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. I love learning about concepts in biology and how the environment affects our health. In my own time, I love to crochet, laughing with friends, and finding new music to listen to.

Hello, I’m Aida Mohd Khairi and I’m a Sci.CORPS Supervisor/EVO alumni! I oversee Sci.CORPS employees and help them on their projects as well as working on my own. I’m currently an undergrad at UNH doing a 4+1 dual degree program where I complete my Bachelor's in Biology on a Pre-Vet track and Master's in Molecular & Cellular Biology in just 5 years! I aspire to work in the field of Wildlife Biology in the future. When away from work, I love to listen to music, draw, read, and play instruments!

My name is Peter and I am a junior at Yale studying physics. I’m a big fan of skiing and playing the bass. Also, my favorite procrastination technique is playing chess. I can’t wait to work with everyone in EVO this year!

I am Phebian Gray. I am an EVO teacher who is currently a sophomore at Yale majoring in Anthropology. On campus I am involved in Matriculate and Dzana. In my free time, I love music (listening and playing!), learning languages and crocheting!/p>

Hi, y’all! I’m Nat(alie) Luong (she/they) from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and a current junior at Yale University studying Political Science and Education Studies. Outside of my classes, I love singing with my a capella group, The New Blue of Yale, and vibing in coffee shops around campus. Also, I am a big fan of Pokemon, so catch me teaching while wearing my Squirtle crewneck that I made myself!