How to Apply

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Thank you for your interest in applying to the EVOLUTIONS After School Program. Applications are now open for 2022! Please scroll down for the application links.

What is EVO? EVO is an after school youth program that provides local high school students with opportunities to engage with science, nature, and culture at the Yale Peabody Museum. Watch the video below to find out more!

Who can apply? Applications are open to New Haven and West Haven public high school students in grades 9 and 10. Our expectation is that students participate through all four years of high schools. We welcome all applicants, but if you are the first person in your family to make plans to go to college, our classes and field trips will help you begin that journey.

Do I need to have good grades? Nope. It doesn’t matter to us if you have straight A’s or if you are struggling to pass your classes. We are much more impressed by your kindness, your creativity, your interests, or just your desire to find a different path. And if you need academic support or tutoring, we are happy to help you identify resources.

How do I apply? Click on the button at the bottom of this page to access the application. We suggest writing your answers in advance on a different document (75-100 words per question). Teacher references are NOT required this year, but if you feel that a teacher can share something unique about you, please ask them to email a paragraph to

The following questions are included in the application:

  • In what ways are you a good student?
  • In what ways would you like to improve as a student?
  • What do you typically do after school and/or on the weekends?
  • What is one science that you find really interesting?
  • Please describe something you have done that you are proud of.
  • In what ways do you think other people look up to you?
  • Why do you want to be in the EVOLUTIONS After School Program?

How do we select students? Your answers to the 7 questions are reviewed anonymously by EVO seniors, who rate your responses according to four criteria:

  • Enthusiasm: Are you excited to join? Is this a program YOU really WANT to do?
  • Dedication: Will you be able to make a weekly, multi-year commitment?
  • Need: Will the program fulfill a need you have that you may not get otherwise?
  • Strengths: What are the unique assets that you have that will help the museum and community? Think beyond academic skills- what do you have that the museum needs?

Can parents submit an application? No. We appreciate enthusiastic parents, but all applications must be completed by enthusiastic students.

When can I apply? This application period is open from August 9 - September 18, 2022. New students will be accepted in late September and will start in-person classes October 3rd.

Due September 18th, 2022

Due September 1st, 2022