The Evolutions Exhibit

Healthy Environment, Healthy Communities

Each year the Evolutions team of students work together in a collaborative effort to create an exhibit.  This year our exhibit, Healthy Environment, Healthy Communities, focuses on sustainable communities, the relationship between metropolitan/earthly hazards and the people that make up an urban ecosystem.  Exploring these concepts of urban living quality and the effects of pollution, air quality, food distribution, and more, EVO students were able to investigate the ways in which people are impacted by these things on a short and long-term basis.

The EVO students worked diligently over the span  of nine months to research, curate, draw, build, and conceptualize the exhibit that is now on display.  Every one of our students contributed to some aspect of the exhibit and we now celebrate this stellar, science-driven installation that is currently located on the second floor of the museum. Our hope is that the exhibit can work to inform and engage museum visitors while raising consciousness about these environmentally effected issues. Come check out the exhibit soon!