Exhibit 2018-2019


Climate Change in New Haven

We can’t wait for things to get worse when we can do something now.

Climate change is on everyone’s mind lately. Whether we think it is not real, or its consequences weigh heavily on our thoughts, the fact is that the effects of climate change are being seen around the world. From devastating storms to glacier decline to crop harvest reductions, to species endangerment and environmental devastation–we are feeling its burn.

Our students at the EVOLUTIONS After School Program have been going around our home, New Haven, and beyond to capture some of the causes and issues that contribute to climate change, and who and what it affects. The unfortunate truth is that it is our fault that we are where we are. The burning of fossil fuels, along with years and years of trash and litter in landfills, has caused irreparable damage to our Earth. Species are slowly declining, including coral reefs and the beautiful monarch butterfly. Violent storms and rising sea levels are leaving homes in ruins.

Our photographic exhibition highlights environments, plants, insects, animals, and people who are affected by our changing climate now, and who will be in the long run. To slow and maybe even stop climate change, we need to come together as one to transform our lifestyles, the way we manufacture, and the way we travel. If we do not, the effects of climate change could lead to massive losses and life, as we know it, could drastically change. As we watch our environment continue to decline, it begs the question: Is anyone immune to climate change?