Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Jordyn Zembrowski & Jake Longley

For our internship we worked at the Vertebrate Zoology lab preparing reptile (mainly lizards and snakes) specimens to for research.  We are then able to clean the specimens by exposing them to a particular kind of beetle that feeds on the remaining soft tissue.

Dan Wivaag & Jesus Yanez

This past summer for our internships, we worked in a materials science lab and worked on a project that involves the application of wet etching several different materials using citric acid. We first exposed metal materials (Lanthanum, Strontium, Manganite, or LSMO) to the citric acid and observed the changes in the material and the etching left behind during the chemical process.

Odia Kane

This past summer I was an intern at the Yale Cardiovascular Research Center where I was able to isolate mouse DNA using Qiagen (a company that creates different kits and buffers to ease different elements of an experiment that can easily get tedious) kits. Overall my work enabled me to look further in the way that animals experience genetic mutations. 

Vanessa Hansen-Quartey

This summer for my internship I worked at the Play2PREVENT lab at Yale University where my advisor and I focused on increasing awareness about personal health and risky behavior in the form of a video game. The three goals of this game were to: 1. To prevent HIV in adolescents, 2. To delay risky behavior in adolescents, 3. Explore if the game improves response and refusal skills in adolescence.

Kristy Moffet

During this internship I cataloged fossils into this new database so that other scientist may be able to use the information from the Peabody collections for their own research.  Scientist can do things like look at the information in this database and see what the earth was like at a specific point in time, they can look at the changes of species and where they lived to infer what the climate was like and how it changes and could even use it to predict climate change today.

Alexandria Miranda

Over the summer I interned at an applied physics laboratory at Southern Connecticut State University under Professor Christine Broadbridge. By using the Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy System (EDS) and a Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM), I used the Point and ID application to find the elemental composition of one spot on a homogeneous wafer.

Cora Walker

For my internship I explored the factors that lead to certain demographic involvement and engagement with local farmers markets.  In this research I was particularly interested in investigating why people of certain race and socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to engage in this activity than others. 

Hannah Sussman & Sofia Panza

For our internship, we worked at the Yale Marsh Botanical Gardens to develop educational tours that are specifically geared towards different age groups for optimum learning. Our goal with this project was to raise awareness of the gardens among urban youth because many in that group do not have exposure to plant life. 

Zariah Altman & George Baldwin

I spent this past summer working in the Environmental Science Center with Dr. Hull and Dr. Thomas at Yale University. We mainly studied foraminifera as means to examine past Earth climates and see the differences in time from the Cenozoic Era.

Avery Sage

I worked as an intern at Haskins Laboratory where our primary focus was to study the relationship between neuroscience and linguistics. Currently we are working on a study that focuses on reading disorders in young adults and teenagers.