Meet Patricia!

Portrait Photo of Patricia Acorda, Sci.CORPS Instructor
September 19, 2021

Meet Patricia!

By Skye Williams & Emma Adams & Jo’vonte Witter

Sci.CORPS has hired a new coordinator: Patricia Acorda! As an ESUMS graduate, RPI graduate, and EVO alum, Patricia aims to teach coding and programming skills to the next generation of Museum Interpreters.

From sketching, to watercolor, to digital design, Patricia has a strong background in art. Possessing artistic skills provides Patricia with an advantage in the website-making world. Using her talents, she can effectively pair colors, design interactive interface layouts, and distinguish between well-designed and awkward websites. Through web-design Patricia is able to unite both of her passions: “I could still involve my love for design and art in web-interfaces,” she says, “how different colors and different layouts come together to create user interfaces is really interesting to me.”

Amidst a global pandemic and recently graduating college, finding computer science related occupations was difficult. After receiving contact regarding the Sci.CORPS supervisor position from Andrea, the EVO and Sci.CORPS manager, Patrica was hesitant to join the team until she found out she could teach the staff about her interests: coding and web-design. Patricia feels that with her guidance, she can help expand Sci.CORPS’ light digital footprint and enhance the website while also teaching staff about web-development and coding.

Patricia appreciates teaching coding to others; she enjoys enlightening others about the power of code. She loves having the opportunity to insert her expertise into the new Museum Interpreters. Furthermore, allowing Sci.CORPS employees to maintain the website and educate future Interpreters about web-development is her top priority in her new supervisor position.