Welcome new students

October 1, 2017
It's the first week of EVO and we are excited to welcome our new students, who were selected from among 120 applicants for admission to EVOLUTIONS. These students were selected for their outstanding responses to a series of 7 essay questions, which were reviewed by EVOLUTIONS staff and seniors. EVOLUTIONS classes will take place every week from October through May, and these students will participate in science activities, video production, special events, and college preparation activities alongside Peabody staff and Yale students. students and their families attended an orientation on September 30, and it was fun for us to meet everyone!   Congratulations to the following students, and we look forward to all of the contributions that you will make to the Peabody in the coming years: Adia Lemessy, Adira Ahmad Rizal, Aveanna Blue, Brianna Eckenrod, Brittany Cervantes, Caleb Rutherford, Carlos Valentin, Chelsey Reyes, Christopher Elias, Daniel Baldwin, Daniel Gitelman, Daniela Quesada, Daniela Flores, Daniella Lebron, Danielle Gordon, Emily Cervantes, Emmanuel Candelo-Diaz, Emmanuel Osei-Bonsu, Gina Patel, Jacoby Harris-Crenshaw, Johanna Cando, Johanyx Rodriguez, Joshua Smith, Juliette Ranelli, Julius Pugh, Juwan Lee, K. Leif Dykstra, Lihame Arouna, Katie Luneski, Kierstin Turnbull, Kuniya Asobayire, Linwood Maye, Manuel Arguello, McKenna Driver, Nadia Sauffian, Nicole McKinney, Nube Vicuna, Paulina Badillo, Shakshi Patel, Shankara Abbineni, Taniyah Walker, Thomas Small, Zuhah Syed