Sci.CORPS Media Overview

Sci.CORPS Media Overview

Media provided by Sci.CORPS includes: Collection of the month presentations, 70 second science videos, and library content! Sci.CORPS allows children to learn through reading, watching, and hands-on activities.

70 Second Science

70 Second Science videos are short, digestible videos that introduce complex science topics in a fun way. Museum interpreters conduct research and record their findings on diverse topics across various fields of science, such as anthropology, zoology, and geology. Check out the Sci.CORPS YouTube channel to see more!

Collection of the Month

Museum Apprentices (MAs) select and research an artifact from the museum's collection database. Using their findings, the MAs create articles and a final presentation about their chosen topic. Through Collection of the Month (COTM), Sci.CORPS employees learn the essential skills required to succeed as a future Museum Interpreter; they learn how to research, write and effectively communicate using the 5 Es: engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate.
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Learn about what distinguishes arachnids from arachnids and their key traits

Amin Rosli '22

Grevy Zebra

Explore the life of the Grevy zebra and how the species is being threatened.

Veronica Palma '23

Spotted Salamander

Learn about the life cycle of a spotted salamander and where you can find them.

Julia Rosado '23